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– April 22, 2024 @ 1:00 PM ET –

Pitch Deck Review Session

With Forecastr

Get insights on how to craft a stronger pitch deck and deliver an astounding pitch.

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Increase your confidence as a founder.


Join us for this interactive and educational presentation.


In this pitch deck review session, we will have 3 founders presenting to a panel of startup experts who will provide feedback on their pitches and pitch decks. Get insights on how to craft a stronger pitch deck and deliver an astounding pitch.
If you'd like to be featured, click here to apply!

This will be an 45 minute long session with a Q&A session at the end.

What To Expect:

Expert insight on delivering a captivating pitch

Tips on creating a strong pitch deck

Hear from a panel of startup experts

Interactive Q&A with real-time audience questions


Featured Speakers



Jeff Erickson

Director of Strategic Partnerships


Jeff leads the Partnerships Team at Forecastr, a leading software company that helps make financial modeling easy for founders raising capital.  He currently serves on the advisory boards of several startup companies and is an active angel investor.  Jeff is an experienced entrepreneur and was the founder and CEO of a successful consumer goods company that was ranked #138 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies.  He is passionate about startups and enjoys working with founders and mentoring entrepreneurs.



Justin Izzo

Research Lead

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Justin Izzo has been running DocSend's fundraising research and founder advisory programs since 2020. Before joining DocSend, he was a Professor at Duke and Brown Universities. In his advisory work with startups, Justin blends an academic's sense of rigor with a founder's eye for actionable insights.



Jordyn Bonds

Director of Product Strategy

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They have spent the last decade in early-stage startups, either as a co-founder or an early product hire. Before that, Jordyn was a UX designer and before that, a front-end engineer. Their passion is taking a new idea or market opportunity through research and validation into prototyping and early adoption.
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Jonathan Engle

Founder / CEO


Jonathan Engle is the Founder and CEO of Startup Stack, where he spearheads the company's mission to provide operational tech perks for startup founders. With a passion for community building, Jonathan personally crafted the Startup Stack website and actively invites both Stack Members and Stack Partners to join this thriving entrepreneurial community. His innovative approach and dedication to empowering startups underscore his commitment to fostering growth and success in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.