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– October 26, 2023 –

Financial Model Makeover

With Forecastr

Let’s give your financial model a transformation! Financial Model Makeover is a chance for founders to receive feedback on their financial models and then have it rebuilt.

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Ready to elevate your financial modeling game?


Join us for this interactive and educational presentation.


Let’s give your financial model a transformation! Financial Model Makeover gives the opportunity to a founder to receive constructive feedback on their financial model from an investor’s perspective. An experienced analyst will then build your model anew while providing a wealth of insight and advice.

This will be an hour-long presentation with a Q&A session at the end.

What To Expect:

Expert insight on financial modeling best practices

A unique opportunity to see real financial models scrutinized

Witness an analyst build a real model for a real founder 

See the power of software for robust financial modeling 

Interactive Q&A with real-time audience questions


Featured Speaker

Logan Burchett


Logan Burchett

Co-founder & COO


Logan Burchett is a co-founder of Forecastr (Techstars Anywhere 2020), and has deep startup finance experience at the CFO level. Logan has built more than 200+ financial models for startups, and has managed >$16B in assets. As a founder at Forecastr, Logan is instrumental in product development, finance, fundraising, and general operations.