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Get a Great Startup Financial Model

Our experienced analysts work with you to build an investor-ready startup financial model from your existing data.

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Raise the Capital You Need

A strong startup financial model helps potential investors visualize how your current metrics translate into growth and success in the future.

Our simple reports let you project every detail of your performance and share the months, quarters, and years that illustrate your startup's story.

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Consistently Hit Your Growth Targets

Set smart growth targets, and hit them consistently. Break your customer acquisition down to analyze conversion, lifecycle, and churn for every individual channel.

Stop leaving your growth to chance and start monitoring your performance in real time.

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Never Run Out of Cash

Sleep well at night, knowing exactly how long your cash reserves will last.

A startup financial model lets you manage your runway over time, so you can start raising capital with time to spare.

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Screenshot: Startup cash runway model

Get an Expert on Your Team

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Our team of Startup Financial Analysts have years of experience building great financial models for early-stage startups from a wide range of industries.

We'll help you choose the best metrics to track, set benchmarks and targets that make sense for your startup, and help you keep your model current for the lifetime of your subscription.

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Founders Love Forecastr

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"Forecastr is a great way for us to collaborate and visualize the business together."
Luisa Castellanos
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"I don't go to Quickbooks for answers. I go to Forecastr. I log in to Forecastr every week."
Amar Gautam
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"Forecastr is an opportunity to have financial modeling expertise inside your business."
Dustin McMahon
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